Estate Auction Fall 2023 – November 19, 2023

Nov 19 2023 auction poster

Toronto.  Get ready for our Fall Estate Auction part two! Date is tomorrow Sunday, November 19, 2023 in Long Branch (south west Toronto) at the usual venue BUT at the slightly later time (see poster) – free parking [OVERFLOW AT GO TRAIN LOT JUST WEST of HALL] and free admission.

Our Estate Auction part two features goodies for both film and digital folk – photographs, cameras, lenses, accessories, books, and more. Come out and enjoy this event. Click on the AUCTION tab here or in the menu bar above for directions.

Everybody is welcome. Sorry, no Consignment lots at the door this time. These lots are all ESTATE – really good items, some rare these days. Just in time to let you augment your collection or user gear [or even for your gifting] !

Click above to see photos in roughly lot order (large photos are in lot order)

We owe Clint a big thank you for photographing, naming (by lot number) and tagging the lots shown here (images arrived by thumb drive & email). Click on the montage above, then on the “Brassaï” book (lot 325), and then on any lot icon to see it larger. The photos in the slide show are in lot order (there may be some variation in the sequence of the thumbnails). This continuation estate auction is shaping up to be really thrilling with a wide variety of lots – something for literally everyone!

LOT INDEX: Clint has provided this pdf searchable version of the list of lots for  Nov 19th. This list will be updated. This is the second version (Nov 16). There are some 65 lots yet to be listed.  List version three was uploaded the early evening of the 17th of November.

LOT PHOTOS: The slide show of photos will be updated frequently as photos are received. On November 5th photos of the first 80 lots were added.  Note: during the auction, the sequence of lots  is the auctioneer’s choice and will vary from the numerical sequence shown.

Batch two arrived Saturday, November 11th and were posted here as of 12:40 am Monday the 13th. A total 168 lots were posted by the 13th. Batch three arrived early the morning of the 15th and were posted at 4:30 pm on the 15th for 193 lots illustrated. Batch four came in early November 16th and were posted at 8:00 pm for a total of 232 lots illustrated. Batch five arrived in the small hours of Nov 17th and were uploaded at 6:45 pm for a total of 276 lots illustrated. Later the 17th batch six arrived and was uploaded for a total of 292 lots!  And finally on Nov 18th the last few lots uploaded for a total of 301 photos/lots. The photographing alone is a huge undertaking by Clint on behalf of the PHSC.

Your left/right arrows will work to move from one enlarged photo to another. The red tags or hand written notations show the lot number.  The photos were adjusted with Affinity Photo, Focus Magic and  Topaz Photo AI as needed – Enjoy!

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