the digital dilemma or where have all the photos gone

print from film negative taken by C M Dunbar

Toronto. My good friend, George Dunbar, writes, “I’ve just discovered this 2005 article in my files and thought it may be useful.

“It was published in the local newsletter of an Apple/MAC computer club. As many of you know, this is my hot button subject. Although it was published 17 years ago, it appears to be valid today.”

As you know, George is talking about the potential difficulty reading digital files as images in the future – when media and perhaps even file formats are obsolete.

Old fashioned film, printed in darkrooms makes positive prints. With those prints saved in anything from fancy albums to shoe boxes, they can be viewed even today by our eyes – no fancy gear/apps are necessary.

In the article, George compares image files on a hard diskette with  such prints (ironically the hard diskette shown in the article –  and readers – are obsolete already. Food for thought.

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