Apollo Remastered

A new look at the Apollo mission photos

Toronto. Over a half century ago, man first walked on the moon. In the Apollo flights, photography recorded the events. In those days photography was film based and suffered the usual amateur and film issues – focus, stability, exposure, resolution etc.

Modern day technology allows one to digitally remaster the old negatives/movies to show better detail and colour balance. The book by Andy Saunders and Andy’s work on the 1960s/70s NASA archival images show the epic events in a whole new light. Jonathan Amos, the BBC science correspondent, recently wrote an article titled, “Apollo Remastered: One man’s mission to show us the Moon“.

I bought many posters of the first moonwalk a few months after the event, including some shown in this article. Andy’s book shows the importance of photography to capture history and the value of digital technology to correct the many mistakes made by amateurs capturing events on film back then.

Our thanks once again goes to my good friend, George Dunbar, whose curiosity prompted him to discover this article and the value both film and digital technology has in recording history. Well done, George!

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