the case of the glassy-eyed collector …

Dry Plates in auction

Toronto. On a Sunday in mid March, the glassy-eyed collector staggered into a legion hall deep in the far SW corner of the big smoke. His bleary eyes cast around the room and to his amazement he saw that he was surrounded by photographica!

In the middle of this cornucopia of delights was a forest of chairs while the back wall appeared to be a stage with microphone, auctioneer, video camera, and screen.

He thrilled as he spotted a bunch of glass plates, all neatly boxed as if they came from a store in the late 1800s.

Well, that is a nice tale, but there really are glass plates in our March 15, 2020 auction. Plates and so many other photographic treats for your collection or use. Be sure to come down to Long Branch on Sunday, March 15th – and bring lots of dollars 🙂

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