splish, splash, flash

flash bulbs and guns at March auction

Toronto. In the mid last century, these bulbs and guns were all the rage. They were replaced by cheap electronic flashguns that also went through changes. The mid blue coating on the bulbs allowed outdoor colour film to be used indoors with the correct white balance vs. the overly warm effect of incandescent lighting.

Flash allowed photos by amateurs at night and indoors in relative safety (compared to the flash powder of  the 19th century and the consequences of excess powder being ignited).

Be sure to visit our auction on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 for these and other lots to add to your collection or let you burst out in digital or film photography!

Today, we see a tiny LED flash on our smartphones sending out a bright burst of light to illuminate an otherwise dim scene.

Note: the name of this post is a riff off the song by Bobby Darin mid last century…

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