Photographic Canadiana 38-3

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From Left: Cover 38-3, Graflex Tropical, Brownell Factory, Colour insert of old Kodaks, Ross camera, and TV’s Pawnathon Series star John Kantymir.

This is our second issue with a colour insert. The insert shows many of the well known and some hard to find old Kodak cameras.

The first article is by Mr Mehlenbacher. It is the story of the Brownell factories and the cameras Mr Brownell designed. The author is the grandson of Frank Brownell, original manufacturer of cameras for George Eastman. Brownell’s factory is shown making the Bull’s-Eye camera in 1898 in the photograph reprinted on this issue’s front cover. This fits in with the two major articles for this issue.The second article reviews a collector’s  personal interest in Kodak cameras. In a separate article, Ken Metcalfe of the Graflex Historical Society writes about a unique tropical R.B. Auto Graflex camera made by Kodak on request. Only two examples of this model were ever made!

A photo essay by editor Robert Lansdale shows the recent Daguerreian Symposium held in Baltimore, Maryland this past fall.  John Kantymir’s column A Treasure From My Collection… features the Ross Portable Divided Camera with a further article on this old camera by Robert Wilson. The issue ends with George Dunbar’s popular column Browsing through our Exchanges.

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