Newsletter 12-9

Well, our new email editor, David Bridge, is trying his wings under the firm guidance of journal editor Lansdale. David has done a remarkable job with this eleven page extravaganza!


From Left: Cover, William Notman (revisited), detail of Curio, Wooden boxes and Kodaks, Curio from the past, The “Whatisit” camera identified. And along the bottom are a number of wooden boxes that contained the earliest Kodak cameras.

First, we announce our popular December Show and Tell meeting, followed by my review of Jim Trautman’s engaging talk on the iconic Turofsky Brothers ( Mark Singer was on vacation and not available to do his usual article on our monthly speaker). We document the very first PHSC Thesis Prize award. Congratulations to Sol Legault of Ryerson first to earn this fine award with his paper on Exhibiting Erotic Stanhopes. We have another Curio from the Past courtesy of Les Jones. Clarification of our Notman story by famed Notman authority Nora Hague of the McCord in Montreal. Our Whatisit camera is identified, thanks to Ms Dianne Horvath. And Charlie Kamerman shares his wonderful early – really early – Kodaks with us, especially their wooden box packaging, dove-tail joints and all (We have a link to Charlie’s site – just scroll down the right sidebar on our home page). And to read or print this terrific issue, just click on the above image!

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