our boys used it too

a 1944 war letter from Holland

Toronto. Another use for photography was to reduce the size and weight of letters. George Dunbar shares with us an article from the February, 1943 issue of Popular Mechanics titled, “Tiny Films Speed ‘V-Mail’  to Men Overseas“. While the article touts the use of special photographic techniques to reduce the size and weight of letters sent from the States to men fighting in WW2, our soldiers used a similar system to lighten letters sent back home as shown by one example.

WW2 was a tumultuous time filled with both horror and innovation. In photography, we saw many new ideas burst forth as ways were found to improve the art to help the war effort. Many of the ideas came to fruition after the war ended.

This particular idea seems to have disappeared in the mists of time – unless you think of modern day emails and internet and smart phones …

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