once was not a hotel nearby

Notman’s foothold in the Big Smoke

Toronto. You may not recognize the area today, but in Notman’s day this building on the southeast side of King St (39-43 King Street East) was the studio associated with Montreal’s famous Notman Studio. Notman became renown for his studio’s portraits and composites, many of which are identified. Records, photos, and ephemera on Notman are housed at the McCord Museum in Montreal.

Today, the area includes the King Eddie at 37 King St East. Years ago, I was sequestered in the King Eddie. A few decades later, Ron Anger and I visited the hallowed building (showing its age by then) to see if it was suitable for our fair (it wasn’t).

For more comments on the area check out a post by ‘egotrippin’part way down this page on the Urban Toronto site.

My thanks to good friend, George Dunbar, for the link and photo. Our late editor, Bob Lansdale, also a professional photographer, researched this area of Toronto in the 1800s and found many studios clustered around King and Yonge, George also posts on Urban Toronto using a nom de plume like others on the site.

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