dream street

The Walk to Paradise Garden by Eugene Smith c 1946

Toronto. The 1970s were heady days for me. I discovered many names in photography. The photograph of “The Walk to Paradise Garden” by W Eugene Smith I found when I bought “Darkroom” by Lustrum Press (sold by Light Impressions in Rochester). The book is a series of photographs and articles by American names in photography. The articles discuss the techniques each photographer uses in the darkroom.

Recently,  George Dunbar read a book on Eugene Smith’s project on Pittsburgh PA. George was so impressed, he wrote a brief review of the book which he shared with me.

Dream Street, W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project
Edited by Sam Stephenson With a Forward by Ross Gay
University of Chicago Press 177 pages $39.00

George writes, “A marvellous collection of hundreds of beautifully reproduced images is a wonderful memorial to the magnificent photography of W. Eugene Smith. This is his epic photographic essay on Pittsburg, Pa. during the 1950s.

“Smith’s Herculean task to produce and publish this magnificent work during his lifetime (1918-1978) is revealed in fine detail by editor Sam Stephens along with the overpowering photos by Smith.

“Smith is considered by many to be one of the greatest photojournalist of the 20th century. In this new publication we learn much of the intention, efforts and hardships during the making of his greatest lifetime achievement.

“The result is an amazing revelation of the very life of a city; its industry, atmosphere, people, beauty, joy and suffering. This book will surely become one of the most valued books of photography to grace the library of any photographer and admirer of wonderful images.”

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