Newsletter 12-13


From left:Fornto cover 12-13.

From left: Front cover 12-13, Award to Hockey Hall of Fame speakers, April 28, 2013 Image show, March Auction, Kodak Instamatic is 50, writer Robert  Wilson and first volume of first PHSC Press book, Siperheadz  3 megapixel camera

Editor David Bridge issues his third newsletter to solid applause! This issue announced the Annual General meeting with a special mystery program, our first Image show on the 28th, Toronto Notes and the Hockey Hall of Fame archives visit, and our March Auction at the new Long Branch venue.

The Kodak Instamatic turns 50 – a hit post on our new Facebook Page. PHSC Press publishes its very first book – authored by Robert Wilson. Canada Post announces its photography stamps series. More from Bob Lansdale on the Hicro camera. We added last minute mention of the loss of dear friend and mentor, the late George Hunter.

Our latest 10 page issue wraps up with the columns “From the Net”, Current Events and Want Ads… Click here or on the above montage to read and print!

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