Tintype Studio has a new web site

The new nome of the Tintype Studio's web site

The new nome of the Tintype Studio’s web site

Toronto April 16 2013. Paul Sergeant and the guys have been busy. Very busy. Visit their spanking new website at www.tintypestudio.net.

On the site are details of their coming events, including a display and portrait sessions during CONTACT next month at the Campbell House Museum.

Never heard of it? Campbell House has been around for many decades. It’s that neat brick house on the northwest corner of Queen and University in Toronto. If you click on the Tintype Studio image above, you will see where I mean. Look in the lower left corner.  The four lanes of traffic going south with the boulevard and statue are University Avenue.

The shot? It’s a black and white photo I took with my Leica in early 1979 from a Toronto hotel room during a break from a seminar.

NOTE: Thanks to George Dunbar, I took a second closer look. The photo of Campbell House is from my Leica IIIf shot on Kodak Tri-X ASA 400 film from the Hilton Hotel on University Avenue just below Queen Street while attending a division conference in the hotel, not on an aircraft flight. The “early 1979” date is correct (and no aircraft were  harmed in the shot:-). 

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