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Montreal Harbour in 1870 by Alexander Henderson courtesy of Maclean’s Magazine

Toronto. George Dunbar sent me an email recently saying, “The photography of Alexander Henderson is featured in the March issue of Maclean’s magazine.”

I subscribed to Maclean’s years ago finding its stories far more interesting to me than the various foreign tales in other magazines of the day. Today my subscriptions are in the distant past, with the void filled by books, TV, and internet.

All too often Canadian photographers get lost in the noise of world wide photographers (with a few exceptions), so it is gratifying to see the interest in the photographs of this gentleman.

His works are featured in a number of galleries at the moment, like the National Gallery of Canada. Do a Google search on ‘Alexander Henderson Photography’ to see more exhibits  of his photographs.

Thanks to George, my good friend and fellow member of the PHSC, sharing this find, I was Able to do a post.


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