Young Henri and Friend

Toronto. This c1920 portrait of a child, Henri Groulx, sitting next to a hen and smoking is from the image collection of the ‘Library and Archives Canada‘. Discovered by George Dunbar, it is another reminder of the many historic photos readily available at libraries and other archives.

We were pleased to have Andrew Roger of the National Archives of Canada as our guest speaker for the November 21st, 2001 meeting. Coincidently, Andrew was on page one of our inaugural PHSC E-MAIL pdf newsletter. The newsletter  was initiated by our editor, the late Bob Lansdale to convey colour images and late breaking news in between journals. At the time, printed colour was possible but very expensive.

I don’t know if M Groulx smoked as a child, or as a grown-up, or ever. As a kid in grade school I knew at least one student who smoked. In 1962 I read a shocking study by E Cuyler Hammond called, “The Effects of Smoking” in the July, 1962 issue of Scientific American. Post war, laws have prevented the sale of tobacco products to children. A lengthy American court battle was undertaken over the effects of tobacco on health which  the tobacco industry ultimately lost.

Today, a dwindling number of people on this continent smoke as more and more rigid laws slowly squeeze out the smokers amongst us prolonging the life of a large swath of the population. Sadly my uncle, a friend and a close cousin each died of lung cancer resulting from cigarette addiction.

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