first motion picture (movie)?

was this the very first movie?

Toronto.  My good friend, George Dunbar, writes, “For those of us who have an interest in the history of motion pictures, there’s now a new book about the ‘first known motion picture’ — The Man Who Invented Motion Pictures, A True Tale of Obsession, Murder and the Movies by Paul Fischer (Simon & Schuster).

“Most Americans will identify Thomas Edison as the original inventor, while the French will applaud the Lumiére brothers, Auguste and Louis, whose early films were shown at the Toronto Industrial Fair (CNE) in 1896. The English of course, and many others who have seen the British biopic, The Magic Box (1951) will credit William Friese-Greene.

“The new book by Paul Fischer tells the tale of Louis Le Prince. These few frames [click on the above left icon] are from a two-second clip of his 1888 movie.”

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