film savings nearly 60 years ago


Toronto. My good friend George Dunbar is a fabulous source of suggestions and inspirations as he pursues photographic history as reflected in magazine advertisements last century. Today’s item stems from George’s email a few days back showing a collaboration between Kodak, Polaroid, Sylvania and select grocery chains. Notice the emphasis on colour – both slides and 8mm movie film.

This ad is from the May 25, 1962 issue of LIFE.  George was surprised to see Loblaws mentioned since we view the chain as Canadian, which it is. But what is not so well known is that it operates many American chains too, When the ad came out, Loblaws also operated a chain of the same name headquartered in Chicago. Small world indeed!

The hints that the coupons are for the American chain are in the spelling; the other chains shown; and the fact the magazine is American. NB. At the time, Sylvania made flash bulbs, an important consumable for camera amateurs, not made by either Kodak or Polaroid.

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