cleaning up with Polaroid & Tide

Want a Swinger 51 years ago?

Toronto. As I mentioned in a few posts, advertising costs could be reduced by joining forces with a non-competitor. An example is the Polaroid-Tide ad in the November 29, 1970 issue of LIFE magazine.

Enthusiasts – or anyone who saw the ad – could simply buy the requisite size box of Tide detergent before the offer ended and send the net weight marking as proof of purchase plus $5.99USD to the special deal address listed in the ad and receive a Polaroid Swinger in return.

The ad touted a deal on a popular camera if you bought a larger size box of Tide Laundry Detergent. Everyone back then used laundry detergent so you could buy this gift while helping Tide increase its market share.

My thanks to my good friend and diligent history researcher, George Dunbar, for discovering and sharing this example of advertising collaboration between two non-competitors some five decades ago when film, and magazines were every day items.

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