Canada, eh?

Michel Lambeth, St. Nil, Gaspé, Quebec, County of Matane, 1965, printed 1978 by Michael Torosian gelatin silver print, 35.4 × 27.9 cm; image: 25.2 × 19 cm
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography

Toronto. My good friend, George Dunbar, came across this captivating article by Martha Langford titled “A Short History of Photography, 1900–2000” at my old Alma Mater (well, I attended SGWU which combined a few years later with Loyola to create Concordia University).

Have a read and see the striking photographs Ms Langford included in her paper.

While we haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Michel Lambert, nor a person from the CMCP as yet, we did host a talk by Michael Torosianin April of 2009 .

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