anchors aweigh!

1933 ad for a 500 watt home movie projector

Toronto. Those were the heady days of home movies when people lugged out the heavy projector and its awkward screen. Today, we call such marvels ‘boat anchors’ – not much value to a camera collector, and only good if you suddenly need a projector.

I wonder how many viewers remember Stewart-Warner and the days of home movies? A 500w bulb gave great brightness to each movie but was very hot! Special projector bulbs were used with a relatively short life rating at full brightness.

This ad in the January 1933 issue of American Cinematographer (page 38) extols “The New 500 Watt Stewart-Warner 16mm. Projector” as giving “theatre like brilliance” to home movies. My dad had a Eumig 8mm projector which while compact was still a heavy clunker as was my Braun 300 watt slide projector. When my newly minted wife upgraded me to a Kodak Carousel, I bought an extra bulb just in case – I still have both bulbs in working order today. But of course the days of 35mm slides – and          home movies – are long over.

My thanks to that diligent pursuer of photographic history, George Dunbar, for sharing this bit of nostalgia with me. Apologies to the 1945 movie of the same name as my post.

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