a neater meter

ad for a c1934 Weston light meter

Toronto. One area of photography that absolutely demanded consistency in exposure was movies. Any unexpected exposure shift between scenes or reels was obvious and annoying to theatre goers, especially those who paid hard earned money for the movie experience.

Weston was delighted to be praised in print and used letters from satisfied users like cinematographer Chas Clarke in advertisements such as this one on page 237 of the October 1934 issue of American Cinematographer. Two and a half decades later, I used a Weston III to read light. It was a pleasure to use outdoors during the day but like all meters of the period, was nearly useless in dim light or indoor light.

A thank you to good friend, George Dunbar, for sharing his find with us. I have to admit, for much of my youth Weston and quality meters were synonymous. I own Weston electric meters that are over a century old now and still working like new. Wonderful old instruments from the days when things were built to last!



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