a colourful projection 

A Kodak 2A projector shown in an October, 1949 ad for Kodak projectors, etc.

Toronto. Most of you don’t remember seeing colour slides let alone colour projectors. I used to buy the Kodak frames to hold self-developed 35mm transparencies by Agfa (colour slides) in those pre-carousel days.

A household  iron sealed the each Kodak frame (folded in half over the single colour transparency). If you avoided touching the delicate transparency with the iron, a projectable and viewable slide resulted.

A few years after WW2, Kodak promoted some new ideas like colour movies, Kodachrome slides, and the then ubiquitous slide projectors. Once the innovative Carousel series from Kodak hit the market, slide projector design changed forever.

A few decades later, when smart phones and the digital wave hit, even the Carousel design and its competitors disappeared into history.

In this post, we have an interesting advertisement from 1949 courtesy of George Dunbar and his investigation of ads and articles that reflect North American photographic history in the last century.

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