miracle projector

1949 ad for a so called ‘miracle’ projector

Toronto. The toy advertised back in November, 1949 was hardly a new invention since opaque projectors had been around for decades. This dinky little box sat on a picture about 3×4 inches and  projected it on a screen a few feet away. A light reflecting off the picture etc was bounced up and though a lens.

Professional projectors of this type  had cooling fans and very high wattage bulbs. A book page or picture was bounced through a much larger lens on to a screen further away. The far brighter image was used by educators and institutions. Even fancier machines called epidiascopes could project both opaque subjects and glass slides.

A thanks to George Dunbar for spotting the ad and sharing it. Brings back memories of the decades before cheap scanners and computers when both the cheap toys and the far heavier and expensive professional models saw much use.

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