Old Photo Oriented Magazines

Churchill by Karsh - Life Magazine cover MAy21 1945.

Churchill by Karsh – Life Magazine cover May 1945.

Toronto. George Dunbar often discovers interesting web sites. When they pertain to photography, I receive an email which was the case two days ago. George came across the site “Slightly Out of Focus“.  This site is a book store specializing in old magazines rich in photographic subjects- not technology, but the resulting photos and essays.

Browsing the site brought back memories of lazy afternoons at the barber shop as a kid. Nels MaGee had many, many magazines including Life and Saturday Evening Post. Life featured a large photo on the cover as well as photo essays by well known photographers.

Four decades later, in the 1980s, I borrowed books from Richview Library (the pre Harris era when Etobicoke was a separate borough). I learned about the Farm Security Administration in the dirty 30s and Dorothea Lange. Margaret Bourke-White (who shot the first Life magazine cover), Lew Hines, and others.

George singled out the May 21, 1945 Life issue featuring the famous portrait of Churchill by Karsh of Ottawa. Have a look and see the many famous photographers, subjects and magazines of the not so distant past before we had the web and TV.

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