Photographic Canadiana 41-4

Indian Chiefs at New Westminster c 1864 by Carlo Gentile

Indian Chiefs at New Westminster May 24, 1865 by Carlo Gentile

Toronto. Editor Robert Lansdale’s latest issue hit the mail Monday last week. Members should see their copy shortly if not already. Not a Member? Just click on the right side bar to  pay by PayPal. No account is needed as PayPal accepts a credit card! Canadian is $35 CDN per year. US and International is $45 CDN per year to help defray the cost.

In this issue, the first of two thesis award winners for 2015, Ms Elizabeth Larew, discusses the photographs of Berenice Abbott and preservation of Abbott’s glass plate negatives. Editor Lansdale and Robert Wilson review the Gundlach Korona IV Camera.

Another article covers the history of a necessary and common accessory of the professional photographer – print dryers. There is a book review for Fixed in Time available as an eBook or in print.

The review of the  Toronto meetings for November and December 2015 is covered as well as many other items.


Please note the index in issue 41-4 erroneously shows the October meeting. The index should read December meeting. Also, my note on credit card was accidentally split after the letter “c” and the month names October and November were inserted.

Member Dr Joan Schwartz of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario notes that the half stereo by Gentile was taken in 1865, not 1864 as reported.

Dr Schwartz writes, ” Hi Bob,

Just received my copy of Photographic Canadiana – very exciting about the Gentile stereoview. I can confirm that the date is 24 May 1865, not 1864. We know Gentile was in New Westminster for the Queen’s Birthday celebration in 1865 and there is a photo of a group on the grounds of Government House, New Westminster, in an album at Claydon House, the ancestral home of Lieut. Verney, who is seated on the ground at right beside Governor Seymour with his dog in the crook of his arm. Gentile’s signature appears in the lower right. Included in the group are the same seven native chiefs in the same dress that appear in the stereoview.

Please pass this along to Jeffrey Kraus!




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