Library of Birmingham Photography Collections at Risk

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid by Francis Bedford

The Sphinx and Great Pyramid by Francis Bedford

Bath, UK. On the letterhead of the RPS,  Professor Elizabeth Edwards, Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University and Dr Michael Pritchard, The Royal Photographic Society send an urgent message regarding the imminent demise of the famous Library of Birmingham Photography Collections.

The two well known figures in historical photography urge the Birmingham City Council to reconsider their decision to abandon this important collection through draconian funding cuts. It should be noted that Michael Pritchard has spoken at the PHSC as have at least two students from De Montfort University.

My thanks to Bob Lansdale, Steven Evens and Maia Sutnik for their part in bringing this important letter to our notice. Please see the attached letter Professor Edwards and Dr Pritchard co-signed on January 5th of this year for more information. Let us hope decisions are made by knowledgeable people and these valuable collections of British photographic history will not be abandoned.

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