Newsletter 14-5

Ziegfeld Follies showgirls Showgirls from the 1920s by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Ziegfeld Follies showgirls from the 1920s by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Toronto. The night before he left for the latest TPHS symposium in Rochester, editor David Bridge sent me this latest PHSC Newsletter.

The newsletter introduces Ms Ronit Novak, our speaker for this month whose topic is Historic and Contemporary Ambrotypes. Mark Singer offers an interesting summary of Lorne Shields’ interesting talk on 19th century bicycles which was illustrated by Lorne’s photographs and expanded by his wide wealth of cycling knowledge. Well done Lorne!

We then turn to Ken Metcalf and the Graflex Historic Quarterly and its puzzling information about the 5×7 Graflex Naturalists. Read the article and if possible give the Graflex guys a helping hand.

Louise Freyburger has her usual very interesting column on new photo links (this column features the famous Ziegfeld Follies girls and photographer Alfred Johnston). I borrowed the follies girl to feature here.

The poster for our fair this month is next, followed by Bob Lansdale’s photo essay of the Daguerreian Society’s recent sojourn in Texas. This issue wraps up with another column on coming events and want ads of interest to collectors, and information on the recently issued Photographic Canadiana, number 40-2.

To read or print issue 14-5 of the newsletter, click here or on the above image of a follies girl.

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