readin, writing and ‘rithmetic

using movies and filmstrips to teach over a half century ago

Toronto  I can remember filmstrips and educational 16mm movies when I was kid. The filmstrips were shown with a tiny SVC projector and rather than a recording, a teacher spoke about each frame’s meaning. How did I know? I ran the machines for my grade school teachers until a new principal put an end to my budding career when I entered grade 8.

Today, film has disappeared into history for the most part. It seems computers have replaced movies and filmstrips as aids to teachers. In fact, with the current COVID-19 situation, many students whether grade school or higher go partly or fully on-line for their lessons.

In the July 1943 issue of Electronics magazine, Lyne Metcalfe did a brief article on how the American military used these tools to show or supplement new teaching techniques for engineers pressed into teaching duties. Have a read.

Thanks to my good friend, George Dunbar, for sharing this tidbit of photographic history with me.

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