that Kodak girl again …

a new twist on the Kodak girl – a LIFE ad for colour film …

Toronto. early last century, Kodak used the popular concept of sex to sell – in this case Kodak cameras. It was the rather wholesome ‘Kodak Girl‘ who became the central person in the  Kodak ads of the era. She illustrated how women could succeed in photography simply by using Kodak products, especially the Kodak camera.

Decades later, this ad was used to promote Kodak Kodacolor-X negative color film in  the Instamatic format. The famous Kodak Girl seems to be a doll sitting on a tiny chair showing the subtle colour shades and picture detail obtained with Kodak products.

My thanks to good friend George Dunbar who spotted this unique Kodak ad on page 9 of the LIFE 1970’s special Christmas issue while busy sourcing items of photographic history as represented by advertisements and articles in LIFE magazine..

P.S. That same issue includes winning photos from the LIFE photo contest of 1970 – take a peek.

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