hockey and photography? really?

kids playing hockey

Toronto. Well, sports photographers and some news hounds would agree that hockey and photos definitely do mix quite well. In fact, one of our exchange members is the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHoF) here in the Big Smoke. And a few years back, we went to their satellite archives  in Long Branch for a meeting (March, 2013) one chilly evening.

Everybody in this country knows Tim Hortons (or Timmy’s) for coffee and a doughnut. But not all know of the tragic death of this famous NHL player. Brad Lombardo remedies this with a book about six NHL players who died a tragic death while still on an NHL team.

His book, “From Triumph to Tragedy In The NHL” is covered on this site, including how you can order it in hard copy or as an electronic file. The book uses Lombardo’s prose plus photographs from the HHoF archives.

NB. I snapped the above photo of one of my grandson’s (in blue) a while back (about eight years ago) using a Sony digital camera and an old Leica lens joined together with an adaptor bought online from a store in Hong Kong.

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