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Aldo Egidio Lista 1930-2021

Toronto. Our president and my good friend, Lewko (Clint) Hryhorijiw, called me yesterday (the 20th) to say Aldo had died on April 15th.  Clint worked at one time years ago for Aldo at the New Paramount studio as a wedding … Continue reading

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Mark Twain on Photography

Toronto. Mark Twain is a pseudonym used by American Sam Clemens in writing his books. As Mark Twain, he wrote Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, books commonly read last century by children everywhere including me. The stories were also turned … Continue reading

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computational photography

Toronto. Photography is a continuously evolving technology. Have you ever wondered how those smartphones could even begin to compete with digital cameras? These tiny marvels are a computer in your pocket just bursting with apps and technology. A phone and … Continue reading

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by the light of the silvery moon

Toronto. From the very beginning of photography, the moon and photography have worked closely together. John William Draper made his daguerreotype of the moon in 1840. It is the earliest existing photographic image of the moon. A cleaned up version … Continue reading

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FIPP 2010-2019

Toronto. Sad news from Freemantle, Australia last week. The Freemantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP) has been discontinued. The originators wrote, “All good things must come to an end. The FIPP Committee recently decided that FIPP 2019 would be our last; … Continue reading

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what were they thinking?

Toronto. Today, we all take photography for granted. Images are shot endlessly to record things once written, or capture family moments, or pets, or property changes, etc. We leave news, tv, political, formal portraits, etc. images to the professionals. With … Continue reading

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sand in the works

Toronto. The digital revolution is driven by sand. Silicon is nothing more than reconstituted sand, after all. We in photography are all too aware of the severe impact digital has had on our industry. Film, chemicals, darkrooms, traditional cameras, lighting … Continue reading

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follow da money

Toronto. When I was a kid, magazines were rife with ads offering ways to get rich. These ads made it seem so easy. The ad at left, was aimed at wishful future photographers. The ad even promised a free “professional … Continue reading

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hockey and photography? really?

Toronto. Well, sports photographers and some news hounds would agree that hockey and photos definitely do mix quite well. In fact, one of our exchange members is the Hockey Hall of Fame (HHoF) here in the Big Smoke. And a few … Continue reading

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Where Angels Come to Earth

Toronto. Photographer and author Vincenzo Pietropaolo is no  stranger to the PHSC. Vince has spoken many times at our meetings and attended them as well. “When Angels Come to Earth” is his latest book. This book is in collaboration with … Continue reading

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