photography for squares

Yashika-Mat in March 15 2020 auction

Toronto. From the beginning of photography prints were either landscape or portrait (i.e. rectangular). A full-plate was 8.5 x 6.5 inches.

Then in the 1930s along came the famous Rollei twin lens reflex (TLR) with one viewing lens and one taking lens plus a negative with a square dimension of 6 x 6 cm. Prints could be left square or cropped either landscape or portrait! A new world was dawning! And like some other cameras, pictures were taken at waist level offering a different perspective at times.

Many makers copied the Rollei after the war. One was Yashika with its Yashika-Mat. If your collection lacks a TLR, you can pick one up at our March 15th Auction. In fact if you want to add to your collection of photographica, or user gear, be it film or digital, then drop in anyway! Remember both admission and parking are free… and what better way to spend a spring Sunday than with the ambience of like-minded folk and good food? See you there!


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