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AGFA Colour Print Film in the 1980s

Toronto, Ahaaa! Those were the days! You guarded your paltry few shots as if your life depended on them. Why take a dozen and choose the best one when with care and framing you could take and use a single shot – the best one!

In the 1980s, I had experimented with different films like this ISO 100 AGFA colour print film. This box warns me to “process by June, 1988”. The 27 exposures (24 plus 3 extra) for my Leica could be processed anywhere in C41 chemistry – pretty much the industry standard at the time for colour print films (colour negatives).

Today, we find the abysmally slow ISO 100, the jealously guarded miserly number of shots, and the tedious processing and printing all laughable. We can easily knock off 100s of shots on our smart phone camera just in the time it took to find a processing shop back then. Memories! But thank god now we can use digital and shoot as we please (mind you, auto focus can be a real pain, a fuzzy pain).

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