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Ad for a Wollensak branded Revere movie camera

Toronto. The Wollensak home movie gear and home tape recorder were typical fodder for North Americans in the middle of the last century. The name was bought by Revere of Chicago and marketed enthusiastically with ads like this one at left.

The use of sturdy castings, lots of knobs and buttons to promote the rather inflated feature statements where common mid last century. The name boasting in the ads covered the pedestrian features of the various products. The basic features were common to just about any maker’s products at the time.

There seemed to be more “me too” construction rather than true innovation. My thanks to PHSC member and professional photographer George Dunbar for passing on this delightful ad. For the record, Wollensak once was best known for its camera shutters and camera lens designs manufactured in Rochester. They even made Leica camera lenses and accessories during the second world war when German lenses and accessories were unavailable for obvious reasons in North America. You can learn more about Wollensak and Revere, the company who bought Wollensak at this site.


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