come a little bit closer II

Photo of Toronto photographers in front of their studio (Alexandra Studios) c1920 courtesy of the Toronto Archives

Toronto.  … to paraphrase Jay and the Americans back in 1964, but I don’t think the band had the Turofsky’s in mind.Previously, I mentioned Marty Robins and this line…

We tend to Google for information on photography and cameras. While this approach is informative and helpful, don’t forget the other local resources in your pursuit of photographic history such as libraries, museums and archives both city, provincial, federal, and educational.

Toronto Archives is one such resource. It has a rich collection of images related to Toronto photographic history in its fonds. The Turofsky brothers who operated out of the Alexandria Studios donated many of their negatives and prints to the archives’ fonds.

The example at left is one such photo placed online for the pleasure of all.

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