happy birthday Louie

M. Daguerre sits for a Daguerreotype c1844

Toronto. On November 18th, 1787 Рa mere 232 years ago, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre was born. And in January 1839 the most important announcement was made: Daguerre (yes this Daguerre) had invented photography. His process created the daguerreotype, a contrasty high resolution process that made one off positive images from the action of the Sun.

Within days, a startled Englishman, William Henry Fox Talbot announced his negative/positive process which he had been sitting on for years. For about two decades the Daguerreotype reigned supreme around the world, but in the end the negative/positive process prevailed and lasted well over a century since one negative could make as many positive prints as desired

Speaking of these old processes reminds me that THIS SUNDAY our very own PHSC Image Show will be held at the Arts and Letters club, 11 Elm Street in ¬†downtown Toronto. My thanks to George Dunbar for reminding me of Louis’s birthday and to Sonya Pushchak for the delightful posters announcing the Image Show.


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