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PHSC June 15, 2022 Presentation

Toronto. Hi folks, we have another exciting international talk this month. This time, we will be hosting our speaker  from Florence, Italy. Ms Francesca Strobino will be speaking to us via ZOOM on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Her topic is … Continue reading

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what were they thinking?

Toronto. Today, we all take photography for granted. Images are shot endlessly to record things once written, or capture family moments, or pets, or property changes, etc. We leave news, tv, political, formal portraits, etc. images to the professionals. With … Continue reading

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holy mouse-traps, Batman!

Toronto. Sitting comfortably on vacation on the shores of Lake Como, Henry painted the lush Italian landscape. 1834 was a wonderful year. As he idly dreamed, he thought about ways to capture the scene without recourse to his brushes. Back … Continue reading

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happy birthday Louie

Toronto. On November 18th, 1787 – a mere 232 years ago, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre was born. And in January 1839 the most important announcement was made: Daguerre (yes this Daguerre) had invented photography. His process created the daguerreotype, a … Continue reading

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Sarah and George

Toronto. It was spring, 1954 and I was in what would become my last year of formal school for a decade. In its April 26, 1954 issue,  LIFE magazine offered two stimulating articles for photographers and photo-historians. The portrait of … Continue reading

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Salt and Silver 1840 – 1860 Exhibition

Toronto. We often see and hear about the daguerreotype process as it was common and free throughout the world except in England where a licence had to be purchased. This exhibition celebrates the British salt prints of the Fox Talbot process. The … Continue reading

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A fox in the hen house

Toronto. Talbot was a well off Englishman who painted landscapes in watercolour. On a European trip in 1834, He chose Lake Como in Italy for one painting. Using a Camera Lucida, he dreamed about being able to capture the scene … Continue reading

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