faster than a speeding bullet

Super Anscochrome ad in 1957

Toronto, No, it’s not Superman – it’s Super Anscochrome colour film. Anscochrome touted its film as being “faster than standard black-and-white film” on pp32-3 of the June 17, 1957 issue of LIFE. With ads like this, the Binghamton Brigade set out to tell the world about their marvellous products.

As number two in the photography industry, Ansco always had to try harder to catch up with Kodak. They too made film, cameras, papers, projectors, etc. Post war Ansco became a division of GAF – General Analine and Film.

When Don Douglas and I did a dog and pony show for the PHSC, Don always brought samples from his Ansco camera collection, He was fond of saying that Ansco cameras always used a bright red shutter button, “so you could tell your aunt Tilley to just push the red button…“.


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