known by good lenses alone

Vito IIa Advertisement in LIFE. May 1956

Toronto. In the mid last century, marketeers from camera companies strived to give their products a tag line making them the prime choice for fussy consumers. Voigtlander was no different, They came up with the tag line “because the lens is so good“. Hopefully, it was a more exciting tag line in German!

This was an odd choice since Voigtlander was about to be fully owned by the mighty Zeiss organization, whose lens quality is legendary, dating back even before 1902 and the world famous Tessar lenses designed by Paul Rudolph.

Voigtlander used the tag line in LIFE magazine’s May 14th, 1956 edition advertisement for the Vito IIa camera. Voigtlander was partly owned by Zeiss then, and fully owned by 1965. Perhaps a tag line emphasizing that Voigtlander’s lens quality existed since before the invention of photography…

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