happy Victoria day to you too!

Stereo of Queen Victoria at 34 years of age in 1854

Toronto. The Monday on or before May 24th has been known as Victoria day in Canada (except in Quebec whose citizens take the holiday but call it National Patriots Day instead).  The holiday is designated as an annual celebration of the present British Queen’s/King’s birthday.

In light of this year being Victoria’s 200th birthday, the Museum of London released two previously unknown stereo views of the grand old monarch taken in 1854 when she was a young lady of 34. The stereos are courtesy of the Museum of London via an article in the Smithsonian under the column SmartNews.

You may wonder why we as photographic historians would be interested. Wonder no more! It’s because Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Arthur, “were early and eager adopters” of the new art of photography. Now when you open your cottage, or share a 2-4 with neighbours on the May long weekend, you will know why we photographers care about the holiday.

A big thanks goes to well known Torontonian, author, historian, and PHSC speaker Mike Filey for taking the time to email us.

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