fly me to the moon

Darryl Dyck (via Canadian Press) captures the silhouette of a Westjet aircraft against a Gibbous moon the other night in Vancouver BC

Toronto. An event occurred during the summer a half century ago that sparked the imagination of everyone! Man first walked on the moon. I was living in Montreal at the time. My first child was born that summer. And I won two of three photographic categories.

This post’s title is from a 1954 song  popularized a decade later by old blue eyes himself. All this came to mind when I saw two things: Tuesday’s Globe in its Astronomy Column on page A7; and Galerie GADCOLLECTION’s Apollo XI exhibition ‘To the Moon and Beyond‘ which runs from May 23 to July 31  of this year (2019). If you haven’t seen the photographs from this epic event, visit the Galerie and pick up a few for your collection of historic prints.

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