CNE Gooderham Fountain

Graphic Art & Photography
CNE Toronto

Toronto. Every year the arrival of the “EX” mid August signifies the end of summer. And the end of the “EX” after labour day with the air show tells us in the city that fall is upon us. This photograph is variously identified as 1920s, 1934, or 1940. Interesting to the PHSC is the building in the background named as the “Graphic Art & Photography” building. In the late 1970s and early 1980s when we had a camera booth at the CNE, it was in the “Arts & ¬†Crafts” building a bit to the north and west of the fountain in what appeared to be a post-war building facing the Dufferin Street entrance.

We had the booth for a few years until new management decided every booth was to be manned while the CNE was open and that a fee should be paid to be there. It was hard to find volunteers willing to man our booth throughout the CNE hours and worse, the fee was simply too high since the fledgling organization had nothing to sell that would earn enough profits to cover the rental fee.

Member George Dunbar tagged this photo as as 1934 while the CNE site places it in the 1920s, but identifies it as 1940. So what is the correct date? The lower left corner of the photo is in-scripted as x.66014 which may help identify the correct date.


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