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Photographic Canadiana
March 1975 front cover

Toronto. By the time Photographic  Canadiana issue 1-2 was released around March of 1975, the society had sorted out membership to be National (journal only) and Toronto (meetings plus journal). We had two organizations as well, a National society and a Toronto branch. It was anticipated that other branches would be formed and join the National  society to obtain the journal, Photographic Canadiana, but that never happened.

One idea that did happen was the idea of an exchange membership with sister organizations using the journals or other documents in lieu of money. We send our journal, Photographic Canadiana to them, and they send theirs to us. Simple.  In the coming posts, I will highlight some of the exchange members we have today. And today’s Photographic Canadiana with original articles, photos, and much more Canadian content is a far cry from the mimeographed and crude printed versions of the early years.

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