PHSC News 17-09 for March 2018

Bauer 88D Home Movie
camera from late 1950s

Toronto. Editor Sonja Puschak has produced another delightful edition of the popular PHSC News. To read and down load this issue, just click here or on the Bauer 88B home movie camera at left (a high end model with an f/1.9 Schneider lens and a coupled exposure meter built-in)!

This 12 page edition begins with a discussion of the Oscar winning movie The Shape of Water (shot here and in Hamilton) and comparing its protagonist to that in the 1954 film Creature from  the Black Lagoon. Next is a promotion for our March program Two Toronto Photographers Speak.

Rethinking Birth of the Cool raises issue with the designation hero being applied to those who are not seasoned by time and history.  An editor’s opinion on Privacy Invaders, the dark(ened) room, slide projectors (remember them?), etc.  Read these and other interesting articles, columns, stories and coming events by clicking the links above.

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