where have all the flowers gone – II?

Ottawa photo at the end of Global
News TV on Wednesday
courtesy of Aaron Kemery

Toronto. To paraphrase Pete Seeger’s famous song, of the 1950s, where have all the photographers gone? As a kid in the late 1950s and 60s, I can remember this song coming over the radio frequently.

Each milestone in the evolution of photography made the art easier and better for the amateur to the chagrin of the professionals who were once essential to record history and create a realistic ‘likeness’ of the common man.

Each step reduced the cost and effort involved in the capture of a memorable image, simplifying the taking and reducing the cost while the artist used more and more complex and cheaper equipment.

This has reached a point today where TV often uses amateur videos shot on the ubiquitous smartphone – usually in vertical format with two blurred side panels from the video to transform the clip to the 16×9 format of modern day sets. Even news slots wrap up by soliciting ‘your photographs‘ via social media like the beautiful view of Ottawa, above. Where have all the flowers (photographers) gone indeed!

NOTE. I first used Seeger’s song title back on July 12, 2014 for a similar lament – and I still haven’t subscribed to Adobe’s cloud ¬†although some of¬†my CS5 apps are beginning to fail with the latest macOS release (InDesign and Photoshop especially).

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