PHSC News 17-07 (January 2018)

Minolta Disc-7 using Kodak’s tiny
disc film introduced to us years ago
by Dennis Cannon when it was first
announced by Kodak

Toronto. Our good friend and fellow PHSC member, Sonja Pushchak, has whipped up another tasty morsel for you with her 12 page issue 17-07 of PHSC NEWS, our monthly pdf newsletter. Click on the Minolta Disc-7 icon at left to print or read this issue, meantime here is a summary for you:

Sonja begins with an article and photo from Tina Barney‘s book Photographs: Theatre of Manners. She uses Barney’s 1983 shot of domestic bliss called ‘The Graham Cracker Box‘. This is followed by her announcement of our January 2018 speaker and her topic in a page 2 article called ‘PHSC PRESENTS. These are followed by other one page articles like the story of a Montreal restaurant, Au Lutin Qui Bouffe, or IMPERMA-FROST about the great Montreal ice palaces of yesteryear. This segues into THE ICE ADS, a story about hockey card heros.

From there we go to a 1600s painter who used the name Caravaggio and the current issue on photography in art. David Bridge, our intrepid PHSC Lab expert ruminates on the classic Leica vs. Contax argument, using the far more economical Russian knock-offs. David’s wife Louise follows with the popular WEB LINKS (there are actual hot links in our pdf – click on them and see!).

Just click on the above icon to read or print this issue. Note that each column and article in our modern newsletter is a single page long, including photos. For more in-depth articles, like the analysis of the oft viewed and debated D-Day Landing film clips, join the PHSC and get our Photographic Canadiana journal 4 times a year.

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