Zeiss and Photography

Zeiss and Photography proof plate

Zeiss and Photography proof plate

Toronto. Two years ago at our Show and Tell night I announced a marvellous book by Larry Gubas covering in detail  the vast range of Zeiss and Zeiss-Ikon cameras and Zeiss lenses including hundreds of photographs and a history of the Carl Zeiss organization as it pertains to photography.

We are pleased to announce that the book has been successfully printed in Manitoba by Friesens as a massive single volume. We have ordered a limited number of copies direct from the printer to avoid the cost of shipping to the USA and back to Canada. Our dollar as you know has fallen significantly over the past year or so as the price of oil has tanked world wide.

The title will be sold by Petra Kellers in her store Camerabooks on the west coast in Oregon.

Once the shipment arrives we can price copies accordingly and offer them to members.

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