Photographic Canadiana 41-3

John Kantymir's Adams Torpical Idento Camera

John Kantymir’s Adams Tropical Idento Camera

Toronto. All you lucky people who are PHSC members have received or are about to receive the latest edition of this excellent journal from the mind of editor Robert Lansdale. Not yet a member? Sign up today using the Pay Now button in the upper right.

Bob is a perfectionist and it shows in each edition of the journal. Draft copies are diligently proof-read by selected PHSC members and the proof is carefully reviewed by Editor Lansdale and members of the executive. Bob personally visits the printer to oversee the preprinting of each issue and days later directs the wrapping of the issue ready for mailing by member Bob Wilson.

This issue includes Mark Singer’s reviews of recent speakers, photo essays of the fall show and fall auction. There is a detailed review of the Adams Tropical Idento camera owned by John Kantymir and researched by Robert Wilson. We include a review of the book The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery by Denis Pellerin and Brian May.  

There is an interesting article from BC called Looking for Macmunn: Solving the Mystery of a 19th Century Victoria Photographer.  The authors Roger Boulet and David Mattison did extensive research on this landscape photographer who once operated from Victoria BC on Vancouver Island.

Ralph Beaumont’s book Heckman’s Canadian Pacific Photographic Journey is reviewed with illustrations. Mr Beaumont is scheduled to be our January speaker.

Another article by our president discusses a recent example of the work of the Carson Brothers, who were reviewed in an article a year ago in issue 40-3 of our journal.

This issue wraps up with a photo essay by Editor Lansdale of his trip to Pasadena CA and the annual Daguerreian Society symposium, An old brass lens engraved as J. E. Livernois, Agent, Quebec is in Clint’s Curio Corner, and Editor Lansdale writes a brief Snippet from the Auction about the Canadian assembled Folding Pocket Kodak 3, model H which now resides in the Ryerson Library.

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