Where Angels Come to Earth

Piazza Angels – cover of latest Pietropaolo book,

Toronto. Photographer and author Vincenzo Pietropaolo is no  stranger to the PHSC. Vince has spoken many times at our meetings and attended them as well. “When Angels Come to Earth” is his latest book. This book is in collaboration with Mark Frutkin.

The book is a glorious ” … Evocation of the Italian Piazza” as the book’s sub title suggests. The book was released last January, 2020 and presented at Ryerson.

Following is from that announcement, “Where Angels Come to Earth is an unprecedented visual and poetic journey, allowing readers to appreciate the Italian piazza like no other book in the English language. With a combination of artistic documentary photographs and lyrical texts, it reveals both the grit and beauty of daily life in Italian piazzas.

“The book combines the artistic visions of photographer Vincenzo Pietropaolo and writer Mark Frutkin, both recognized experts in their respective disciplines. Their creative voices present a poetic and thought-provoking look at Italian community life, as they focus  on many of Italy’s piazzas—both North and South—still used by local residents as community gathering places, revealing the humanistic way of life of Italian cities and towns.

“Foreword by renowned architect and urban designer Ken Greenberg.

“Sample of text by Mark Frutkin:

“Two girls walk arm in arm across the rain-soaked piazza.  ‘A photographer is like a fisherman,’ Giorgio, the stick-thin custodian, tells me as we stand on the steps in front of the church overlooking the square. I nod in agreement. The photographer must have the same patience as the fisherman, ever alert to the precise moment when the shutter must be pressed, the rod lifted, the line pulled tight.  The photographer must have perfect timing to catch a fish of light glistening in air.  For the moment passes in an instant, the scene has changed, the two girls walking arm in arm have crossed the piazza, turned a corner, disappeared into the rest of their lives.

“For further information about the book, please feel free to contact the authors directly:
Vincenzo Pietropaolo – vpietropaolo@gmail.com
Mark Frutkin – mfrutkin@rogers.com

“Published by Longbridge Books.

“To order the book on-line, please follow this link
ISBN:  978-1-928065-15-9. Hardcover with dust jacket. 160 pages. 122 photos in colour and black & white. $59.95 (includes shipping).”

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