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one quarter photographer

Toronto. Beatlemania hit North America in the 1960s. I knew a girl in Montreal who had every Beatles LP ever pressed. Of the Fab Four, it was Paul Mc Carney who also made a name for himself as a photographer. … Continue reading

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Where Angels Come to Earth

Toronto. Photographer and author Vincenzo Pietropaolo is no  stranger to the PHSC. Vince has spoken many times at our meetings and attended them as well. “When Angels Come to Earth” is his latest book. This book is in collaboration with … Continue reading

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predicting glass

Toronto. Wikipedia has an article on a famous essay that predicted things we take for granted today – like computers, Google Glass, AI, internet, robots and more. In 1939, Vannevar Bush published his essay “Mechanization and the Record”. After the … Continue reading

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modernish proscenium arch…

Toronto. In the 1958 issue of LIFE magazine, dated March 10, 1958, on page 107 and later, W Eugene Smith’s work is featured in an article called “A Camera Masterpiece”. A short essay titled “Drama beneath a City Window” accompanies … Continue reading

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Photographic Canadiana 42-4

Toronto. Editor Bob Lansdale sent this issue to the printer. The proof was reviewed and 42-4 is off to the press! Copies will be in the mail by late next week. I selected the cover shot as an example of … Continue reading

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