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Western Canada  Photographic Historical Association

Western Canada Photographic Historical Association

Vancouver. Tom Parkinson from our sister organization on the west coast recently sent out the WCPHA Newsletter for June 2015. The Collector column has a multi page discussion of the Iloca Cameras –  made in Hamburg Germany during the 1940s and 50s. The cameras made by this company included some models with the more familiar brands to North Americans: Realist, Graflex, Tower, Photrix, and Argus.

The Secretary’s message mentions a Knowledge Network video on Polaroid and that McKeown’s is nearing completion of the latest version of their definitive Camera Price Guide – a massive 4000 to 5000 letter size pages in four volumes! Knowledge Network is a private broadcaster in BC – much like TVO here and a personal favourite of mine during the late weekend hours in the east.

While much of the newsletter discusses business items specific to the WCPHA, the article on the Iloca company makes it a worthwhile read, Click here or on the Association icon at left and enjoy!


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